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welcome to my code home!!!

this was made in notepad during english class, all by myself. i made this website just for fun, and to share my love for old web and making things yourself. page coding is something ive learned to really enjoy, so i know ill spend a lot of time on here, and i hope you join me for updates ^_^

i dont have too much to add because this is the landing pad of the website...but enjoy looking around!!!

ive squashed the minor visible bugs, but i just dont have free time to work on the website... im thinking about using my fc2 blog as the update log but i just havent done it yet.

webshrines coming soon... list consists of. nu metal obsession/french band pleymo. mac hall comic/shared space with cad. washing my hands webshrine.

i set up an extra box for my lil side bar thing a while ago and i forgot how to do it... i hate css. heres my to do list for the site. finish the xtra pages. add webamp.

websites i like

Philia995 7STATION catcakes

my own ^_^